Suction Cups

The market's widest ranges of suction cups.

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Piab standard suction cups

Piab offers one of the market’s widest ranges of suction cups for handling board materials or concrete slabs, open bags, pick electronic components, label and hold objects. so that each application will have its own solution.

Fødevaregodkendte sugekopper

Piab suction cups for food contact

Suction cups approved by FDA (FDA 21 CFR 177.2600) and meets EU’s regulation EU 1935/2004. All cups are blue and detectable, so small parts of cups that might come loose will be easily discovered by vision cameras and metal detectors.

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Piab friction cups for oily surfaces

Special designed friction suction cups for oily surfaces, such as sheets in metal forming processes. The suction cups can withstand high shear forces, typically 2–4 times more than corresponding conventional suction cups.

Piab rektangulære sugekopper

Piab rectangular suction cups

The rectangular bellows suction cups are especially suitable for products in plastic flow packs, such as candy bars, and when level compensation is desired – recommended for handling of long and narrow objects and surfaces.

Different applications need different requirements

Tell us about your needs and get personalized help with the right choice of suction cups for your application.