We help our industrial customers create a short path to success

For more than 75 years, we have helped industrial companies in Europe with clarifying all success criteria for achieving optimal production and for avoiding pitfalls, time waste and production downtime.

These conditions are essential for creating a short path to success.

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We help machine builders and OEMs

What can we help you with?

From idea to a finished product

Get consultation with choosing your solutions, so that your finished product will be with your customers in short time.

Improvement of current solution

If your customers wish for better-, faster- and quieter solutions, we can help with more concrete suggestions for technical improvements.

Avoid line stoppage and delivery delays

Our large network of partners, as well as our own warehouse and workshop, shortens the delivery time and secures the supply chain.

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Industry solutions

Northern Europe’s strongest supplier of components and solutions for the automation and production industry.

We help production companies

What can we help you with?

Start up a new production line

Start the right way and get a short path to success.

Streamline the production flow

Savings and increased production from day one.

Limit production downtime

Avoid pitfalls, production stoppage and downtime.

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Bæredygtig industri

We have chosen to primarily focus on the SDGs, where we think that we can have the most significant impact on:

We help our customers find innovative, and where possible, sustainable solutions.

Industrial sustainability

Approvals, traceability and certifications
– Let Bondy be your food industry partner!

Approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in the handling and sale of food contact materials, Bondy has extensive experience with industry-specific guidelines and challenges regarding, e.g. cleaning and regulatory compliance.

Our components are completely traceable and in compliance with EC1935/2004 and EC10/2011 certifications for handling procedures and with EC2023/2006 GMP. We have also ensured that many of our manufacturers are European Commission and FDA approved. In other words, we provide the expertise that allows you to easily maintain production.

Partnering with Bondy gives you access to dedicated advice and knowhow that leads you securely and effectively toward your goals. We focus on getting you the necessary approvals so you can easily maintain production.

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