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75 years of providing quality industrial equipment

Bondy AS

Denmark’s premier industrial equipment supplier

As one of the strongest and most experienced industrial equipment suppliers on the Danish market, Bondy realises that technology and components cannot stand alone. Combining these two areas with decades of knowledge and experience, however, results in reliable, profitable and optimal production for our clients.

At Bondy we strive to inspire and challenge our clients with the help of our Inspiration Wheel, through personal meetings with clients and partners, and by staying abreast of the latest trends in the industry. This counts both at home and abroad.

By always endeavouring to inspire and challenge our clients, we work jointly with you to explore and define your success criteria – both obvious and hidden – ultimately allowing us to avoid pitfalls, needless waste of time and production downtime. This is what we mean by the quickest way to success!

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The Inspiration Wheel helps you:

  • Take the features of tomorrow’s solutions into consideration today
  • Assess the technical feasibility and budget
  • Clarify Stage-Gate® in the development process
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Our identity and core values

The exceptional culture that clients, staff and suppliers encounter at Bondy clearly communicates our purpose and the ambitious goals we work to achieve daily. Our vision, mission and core values statements define our identity and culture.

Our employees wrote our core values and were involved in setting the agenda in terms of our own expectations and what others expect of us. These core values serve as a benchmark for all that we do:

  • Freedom with responsibility
  • Mutual respect
  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Keeping our promises

Our vision

To be the premier supplier of value-creating industrial equipment.

Our goal is for:

  • Our employees to think that Bondy is the world’s best workplace. We inspire each other, just as our culture, core values and social environment make Bondy a positive, healthy place to be.
  • Our clients to think that we are the best supplier around. By providing inspiration and going the extra mile Bondy will ensure that they find the quickest way to success. We focus on developing long-term partnerships based on our clients’ performance.
  • Our suppliers to think that we are their best representative. Bondy’s combined technical and commercial knowhow, in addition to our in-depth knowledge of the Danish market, mean their products have the best chance of performing successfully.

Finally, our goal is to create value based on our knowledge, experience and corporate culture which helps our clients to achieve more.

Our mission

Our mission is to run a good and healthy company that allows our clients to gain a competitive advantage and to benefit financially from our solutions.

Part of the Swedish listed group Addtech

Addtech is a technology trading group that develops and sells high-tech components and systems to industrial companies and the service industry in Northern Europe. With a turnover of approximately 7 billion Swedish kroner, the group has clients in over 30 countries and around 2,000 employees.

Addtech comprises 120 companies, all of which strive to be market leaders in their niche. A corporate culture that embraces good business acumen and technical skills provides a sense of cohesion. What’s more, Addtech offers the flexibility of small companies combined with the group’s broad network and solid financial resources.

The group’s underlying foundation is the sale of standard products, but advanced technical skills, long-term client relationships and an understanding of their businesses often lead to far-reaching collaboration and the development of special, customised products and services.

As part of Addtech Components, Bondy works with sister companies, giving us the power of a large company without having to sacrifice the flexibility that is a hallmark of smaller companies.

Interested in following the quickest way to success?

We’re available to help you every step of the way.

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