Your food industry partner

Choose Bondy as your food industry partner and let us take charge of approvals, traceability and certifications.

Denmark is a leading food nation

This means that many of our clients naturally work in the food industry, providing Bondy with extensive experience in handling industry guidelines and challenges, including cleaning and meeting regulatory requirements.

Bondy is approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration in the handling and sale of food contact materials. Our components are completely traceable and in compliance with EC1935/2004 and EU10/2011 certifications for handling procedures and EC2023/2006 GMP. We have also ensured that many of our manufacturers are both European Commission and FDA approved.

Partnering with Bondy gives you access to dedicated advice and expertise to help you safely and effectively reach your goals. We focus on getting you the necessary approvals so you can easily maintain production.

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