Timing Belts

Standard and customized quality timing belts.

Tandremme - Standard og specieltilpassede tandremme.
Brecoflex tandremme

Brecoflex timing belts

Brecoflex timing belt is manufactured in endless lengths without tension member interruption. The tension member is spirally coiled. Brecoflex timing belts are universal applicable for all tasks in the drive technology up to 10000 min-1.

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Breco ATN tandremme

Breco ATN system timing belts

The ATN system timing belt, especially designed for transport technology, can be best described by the motto ‘Flexibility as standard’. Fast fitting and replacement of the manufactured profiles is ensured due to the exchangeable profile-fastening system in the belt tooth.

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BrecoFlex Move tandremme

Brecoflex Move timing belts

The Brecoflex Move are timing belts specifically designed for high-performance drives and traction drives with a particularly high stiffness requirement. A newly developed steel cord tension member increases belt stiffness and tear-resistance.

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BrecoProtect tandremme

BrecoProtect timing belts

BrecoProtect timing belts are designed especially to meet the strict requirements associated with contact with food and the cleaning processes necessary in these areas – offered as a by-the-metre product and in welded “endless” format.

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Breco tandremme med belægninger

Breco mechanically reworked timing belts

Breco and Brecoflex timing belts can be mechanically reworked to meet special functional features. For this purpose, in particular, timing belts with thick backs, T version, type series DR, and various coating materials are available.

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BrecoBasic tandremme

BrecoBasic timing belts

BrecoBasic timing belts are produced exclusively as a by-the-metre product and can be welded to form endless belts if required. Like all other Breco timing belts, the Breco Basic range stands for quality and reliability of operation.

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BrecoGreen tandremme

BrecoGreen timing belts

BrecoGreen stands for a range of timing belts that will not only benefit the customers who use them, but also do their bit to help preserve and improve the environment, climate and living conditions with renewable materials making up 37%.

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Conti HTD tandremme

Conti HTD timing belts

Conti Synchrobelt HTD synchronous timing belt offers more than a standard toothed belt with a completely new tooth-profile design. Its designation, HTD = High Torque Drive, stands for the transmission of high torques.

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Conti Synchroflex tandremme

Conti Synchroflex timing belts

Conti Synchroflex polyurethane timing belts are used across a very wide range of applications for the transmission of synchronous rotary motion in power transmission systems, servo and motion controls, con- veyors and transfer lines.

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Conti Synchroflex Gen III tandremme

Conti Synchroflex Gen III timing belts

The combination of high tensile steel cord tension members and wear resistant polyurethane forms the basis for dimensionally stable and extremely durable high- performance timing belts. A convincing technology with excellent product features.

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Conti Synchrochain tandremme

Conti Synchrochain timing belts

Conti Synchrochain timing belts are heavy-duty maintenance-free timing belts for extreme with ultra-high-power applications and temperature resistant between -55°C and +80°C – Resistant to simple oils, greases and fuel.

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Conti Synchrochain Carbon tandremme

Conti Synchrochain Carbon timing belts

Heavy-duty timing belt for all extreme applications with extremely high torques; also suitable for use as a replacement for chain drives with belt speeds of up to 40 m/s. Longitudinally stable throughout its entire service life.

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