Brushless DC Motors

Reliable brushless DC motors with high efficiency.

Børsteløse DC-motorer
ZD Motor børsteløse DC-motorer

ZD-motor brushless DC motors

Highly efficient brushless DC motors from ZD Motor with high efficiency, high speed and in a compact format. The DC motors have a large control range and constant torque.

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Mellor børsteløse DC-motorer

Mellor brushless DC motors

English manufacturer of brushless DC motors. Mellor has a wide range of DC motors that can be combined with gears.

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Intecno børsteløse DC-motorer

Intecno brushless DC motors

Intecno is an Italian manufacturer of high quality brushless DC motors, which manufactures motor solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Nidec børsteløse DC-motorer

Nidec brushless DC servo motors

Nidec brushless servo DC motors ensure you a wide range of
motors which can all be supplied with different gears and controls.

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Seefrid børsteløse DC-motorer

Seefrid brushless DC motors

Seefrid’s brushless DC motors are available in a wide range for many torque and speed ranges. The DC motors can be supplied with different gears.

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Brushless DC motors for high speeds in compact design

In our range of brushless DC motors you will find efficient brushless DC motors with high efficiency and high speeds, packed in a compact design. In addition, the motors have a large control range, constant torque and AC / DC supply.

Our brushless DC motors are equipped with an internal rotor with integrated electronics for stepless speed control – it provides an unusually quiet operation and longer life than when using DC motors with a brush.